New York Mets 6, Philadelphia Phillies 5

1 07 2007

Having spent Thursday night in a nice hotel in the Rittenhouse Square area, I joined several friends (including, of all things, a Mets fan!) at the ballpark on Friday for the first game of a Mets-Phillies doubleheader. I had low expectations. With several injuries to the pitching staff, the Phillies had to start a pitcher who was up from Triple-A, and he proceeded to give up six earned runs in under five innings.

Still, it was a pretty amazing game. It started off with Phils manager Charlie Manuel asking the umpires to inspect the cap of Orlando “El Duque” Hernández for the foreign substance he’s widely rumored to carry up there. (Apparently they only found some rosin. Hmmm.) The up-from-Triple-A pitcher had a smokin’ first inning. (It didn’t last, obviously.) There were five home runs altogether, three by the Phillies—including one each by fan favorite Chris Coste and my favorite Wes Helms. Despite being a day game in June, the weather was mild. And the Phils nearly caught up, losing 6-5.

Plus, I had some ice cream. That’s always good.




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