Ryan Adams

1 07 2007

After the beer-tasting on Thursday, I headed across town to the TLA (sorry, that’s now the Fillmore at the TLA) to catch Ryan Adams in concert. By the time I got there, the downstairs was completely packed, and I had to seek refuge in the balcony. The downside of that, I think, is that the sound quality suffers; a lot of noise emanates from the upstairs bar. Certainly, I didn’t hear the “impeccable clarity” that the critic for the daily paper heard. (The upside of hanging out in the balcony? You can buy Belgian beer up there.  On a humid night, that Chimay was tasty, let me tell you.)

Adams and his band came on, sitting in the same semi-circle formation they used when I saw them perform for Mountain Stage.  This time, though, Adams didn’t get into an argument with any band members.  On the other hand, he had very little to say to anyone….  He performed for about 80 minutes, left, and didn’t return for an encore. The crowd responded with several minutes of booing.  (Somehow or other, the paper’s critic failed to mention any of that.)

So I think that’s it for me and the live Ryan Adams.  I’ll still buy his albums, sure, because his voice is,  yes, “impeccably” clear.  But I just don’t need to pay $40 or $50 to be insulted.  I can almost always get that for free.




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