Wiki Wednesday #14

4 07 2007

By now, you know how this is played…. (P.S. Thanks once again to The Long Cut for the idea.)

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.

International Union of Sex Workers

The International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) is a United Kingdom based trade union for sex workers. It campaigns for the decriminalisation [of] prostitution, and to have sex work acknowledged as viable labour. In 2002, members voted to affiliate with the GMB, a general workers union. The union now has official recognition as the sex industry branch of the GMB. Some of the services offered by the union include: self-defense classes, free legal advice, and training for members who wish to leave the sex industry.

Hmm, this is going to bring some interesting visitors via search engines. But I don’t really have much to say about this topic. It sounds like a good idea. Yay for self-defense classes and free legal advice! I don’t patronize sex workers [I’m too much of a prude], but I certainly don’t mind if they participate in some collective action.

Now that I think about it, this is kind of a fun WW for Independence Day.




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