Philadelphia Phillies 10, St. Louis Cardinals 4

14 07 2007

10,000 Ariary
I was there
this afternoon—for what might’ve been the Phillies’ 10,000th loss. But, hey, it wasn’t!

What a good game. There was so much offense, contributed by several different players. Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Aaron Rowand each hit home runs. Pat Burrell (finally!) went 3-for-3, Rowand went 4-for-4, and J-Roll went 3-for-5. Surprisingly, Cole Hamels didn’t pitch all that well today—I’d really like to know what his daytime vs. nighttime E.R.A. is—but he didn’t have to.

As you may have heard, and as you’ve definitely heard if you live in the area, the Phillies will soon become the first American professional sports franchise to suffer 10,000 losses in its history. We’re stuck on 9,999. The looming, um, milestone is really a testament to the Phillies’ very lengthy history and to some particularly poor teams in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Happily enough, since those days of inept ownership, the Phillies have broken a lot of hearts—but usually with seasons that are near-misses, not with mind-numbing, 100-loss seasons.

Still, Phillies fans know frustration. And a lot of those perennially disappointed fans came out today, just so they could say they were there when the 10,000th loss was, er, notched. That’s not why I was at the ballpark today, though. I picked this game before the season even began because I wanted to see the reigning world champs and Albert Pujols.  (Who knew the Cards would be so pathetic this year?) I just thought this would be a good game to see….

Still, I have to admit that a part of me—a perverse part of me, to be sure—would’ve enjoyed being able to say I was there for No. 10,000. Yes, I’m glad the Phillies won today, but that perverse part of me is a wee bit disappointed, too.

Should I go to tomorrow’s game?  Just in case?




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