Wiki Wednesday #16

18 07 2007

Same as always:

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.


Blansko (IPA: [ˈblansko], German: Blanz) is a city in Blansko District in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.

Blansko was mentioned for the first time as a castle in 1131, while a town began to develop near it by 1277. After 1766 it belonged to the Salm family, which patronized many artisans and scientists, including Josef Dobrovský.

Blansko today has many industries, including chemical and construction plants.

Gee, it’s hard to have much to say about this. I’ve never even been to Europe—let alone to the Czech Republic. And, for that matter, if I’d been to the Czech Republic, would I have made it anywhere near—er, what is it? (yes, I actually had to look back!)—Blansko? The town’s website doesn’t really make it seem like a must-see destination. Maybe someone will convince me I’m wrong….

I can’t believe I’ve made it to 40 without ever having visited Europe. I had such big plans when I was a kid, in college, etc. But I ended up spending my time and money on a couple of graduate degrees and, well, an Ex…so I haven’t even been to Prague like every other European wannabe of my generation.


I have to start doing things.




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