22 07 2007


A year ago today, my first post went up here at Rivers Are Damp. In that post, I introduced myself and wondered whether I’d ever find anything to say. I guess I did, because this is my 231st post. Gosh, I do go on and on.

On the occasion of my first blogiversary (hey, can a blog have a paper blogiversary?), I’d like to thank my four-and-a-half regular readers. It’s been awfully nice getting to know you through email, comments, messages, stink bombs, and otherwise. If you’ve been reading on the sly, at least once in awhile, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to introduce yourself.

One of the questions I get most frequently is about the blog’s name. It’s from my favorite poem, which—of course—I’ve already blogged about. (Will I actually run out of things to say in Year 2? Maybe.)

What are some of my favorite posts of the first year? Well, I recently blogged about that, too. I picked these three posts to highlight:

1.) “A Return to the Productive Life,” which detailed a strange assignment I received at work and conveyed—I hope—a little bit of the nuttiness we all feel when we’re not the boss. It might even be a little bit funny.

    2.) “Dear Soulmate-Who-Got-Away,” which is, by far, the most private thing I’ve posted here. It’s a letter to the man who thoroughly broke my heart. I wrote it last September, before my (gulp) 40th birthday. And although I frequently link back to this post, I’m actually feeling quite a bit, well, less heartbroken these days. In fact, in my daily conversation, I no longer refer to the culprit as The Soulmate-Who-Got-Away; instead, he’s The Bastard. I think that’s progress, don’t you?

      3.) “You were wearing a blue bow-tie on the 8:43 train….,” which combines two of my favorite subjects: Commuting and my passion for those strange Missed Connections ads on Craigslist.

      I picked those favorites in April. Today, I might add two more posts to that list:

      1.) “Happy Belated Bloomsday!,” mostly because it chronicled my conquering two things: Ulysses and, for at least one Saturday afternoon, my great fear of public speaking.

        2.) “The Man Trap,” in which I detailed my next project. And used the phrase “Twisted Metal slut.”

        And the busiest day here at Rivers Are Damp? That occurred last August when Jason Kottke, keeper of one of the best blogs in the business, linked to my post about the Five Quotes meme. I got an enormous amount of traffic here, over the course of two days, and then it was gone. Oh, how those abandonment issues flared! Well, not really. But it does feel a little bit weird to have, um, peaked in my second month.

        Thanks, again. I hope you’ll keep reading.




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