29 07 2007

I love tennis. I spend a lot of my evenings and weekends in front of the Tennis Channel. I mark the seasons by reference to the French Open and Wimbledon. I know the ad court from the deuce court, and I have strong feelings about whether Andy Roddick or Novak Djokovic is hotter.

But for some reason, I don’t blog much about tennis. I guess I’m afraid that I’d do nothing but tennis blogging if I started. Blogging about one tournament would lead to blogging about the next tournament, and soon I’d be blogging about James Blake’s blisters or Venus Williams’s nail polish. It’s a slippery slope, I tell you.

It’s probably safe to say this much, though. If you’re a tennis fan, you absolutely must be reading Jon Wertheim’s weekly Mailbag column for Each week, Wertheim answers readers’ questions, which are themselves a hoot. For his part, Wertheim is knowledgeable and witty. The Mailbag column never fails to make me smile. Usually more than once.

Take, for instance, this Q&A from a recent Mailbag:

I can’t be the only one who was put off by Rafael Nadal’s constant pulling of his shorts out of his butt crack during the game? Is it forbidden to mention these things?
Claudia Fletcher, Baltimore, MD

• Forbidden? My spellcheck now recognizes the word “wedgie” thanks to the heavy coverage we’ve given this issue. Also, is this the single worst endorsement for Nike of all-time? “Gee, I’m racing out to buy a pair of those pantaloons now that I see that the guy getting PAID to wear them can’t stop tugging at them in discomfort.” It’s like Suzie Chapstick constantly walking around with an oozing cold sore.

That’s classic Wertheim. It’s like Suzie Chapstick constantly walking around with an oozing cold sore. Brilliant! I hope Nike heard that.

P.S. I just remembered that I’ve mentioned Wertheim once before—in one of my 10-Not-So-Famous-People Meme entries. Hmm, it’s probably time to do another of those….




One response

30 07 2007

I agree. It’s a slippery slope, blogging about tennis. My last post was about Stefan Koubek’s back tattoo.

And Jon Wertheim is great, too!

-Erwin, Tennis Served Fresh

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