Patti Smith

31 07 2007

Patti Smith Troc Banner
Patti Smith
began her national tour tonight at the Troc. She skews, um, older. I guess that’s not shocking news. She’s 60 years old! I sat up in the balcony, where the fans seemed to be even older. I haven’t felt that young since I saw Steve and Eydie at the Stardust Casino in Vegas last year. Kidding! Well, not really.

I also haven’t felt that normal in, well, my entire life. Kidding! Well, not really. She has “interesting” fans. Note the quotation marks.

Smith got a lot of flak for her recent album of covers. But some of the biggest reactions tonight were for her renditions of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Great concert. Smith whipped us into a frenzy. I was afraid I was too tired to go, but—on impulse—I headed over from work and snagged a ticket. I’m glad I did.

Great, great concert.




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