Wiki Wednesday #20

15 08 2007

Hey, it’s time to randomly dip into the wisdom that is Wikipedia.

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.


Vesania is a Polish black metal band. They were formed in 1997 with three members: Orion (guitars and vocals) (Behemoth, Neolithic), Daray (drums) (Vader, Neolithic, Pyorrhoea), and Heinrich (bass) (Rootwater). Later members were Hatrah (keyboards), Annahvahr (guitars and vocals), and Siegmar (keyboards).

Well, that’s interesting. I’ve never heard of Vesania. And, truthfully, I’m not much of a black metal fan. I did listen to a couple of Vesania’s songs on MySpace (“Posthuman Kind” and “Marduke’s Mazemerising”)…and, well, the band is loud. LOUD! But not in an entirely unpleasant way.

By the way, it took me quite awhile to figure out that some of the parenthetical information given by Wikipedia—for instance, Pyorrhoea and Rootwater—were prior bands that Vesania’s members had played in. Duh, I guess.

Pyorrhoea? Ewww. But a great name for a black metal band….




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