Is it wrong to celebrate Labor Day with a Jaguar?

3 09 2007

Jaguar Car
I rented a car this weekend—so I wouldn’t have to spend the long weekend holed up in my apartment, pondering my lack of a love social life. When I got to the rental car dealership on Saturday morning, though, it was all out of “standard”-sized cars. My free upgrade was a Jaguar! (This is actually the second time this has happened. That’s the kind of neighborhood I live in [and can’t really afford]: You’re free to carry your toy poodle in your purse at the local Staples, and the Enterprise dealer carries more Jags than Ford Fusions.)

Anyway—whew, am I the master of the digression or what?—to celebrate my possession of the Jag, I headed out west on Sunday to Amish country. It was a warm, sunny end-of-summer day. I saw several horse-drawn buggies, and the green hills and tasseled-out corn were beautiful.

My primary destination was the Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival in Lancaster. The Ex and I hit this festival a couple of times, and I have an Alan Klug photograph to show for it. I intended to get to the park by 3 p.m. or so, but I just couldn’t get my act together at home. And then, when it looked like I’d get there before 4 p.m., anyway, I made a wrong turn and ended up taking an unscheduled tour of the area. Since the show closed at 6 p.m., I found myself in a little bit of a panic. Ack!

Gosh, is that my second digression in this single post? I must focus. I did manage to find my way to the show, and the 90 minutes I had at the park was just enough to scope out all the booths—and spend more money than I’d planned. I came away with two things:

  • I purchased a piece of free-form-ish pottery by Hiroshi Nakayama. Nakayama creates stoneware that somehow looks like beautiful, worn rock. I already owned two Nakayama pieces, a log-shaped vase that’s a little bit like this and and, er, a “water rock” reminiscent of this. My new piece is much darker, and it’s shaped a bit like a small, rectangular pillow. It’s going to the office with me on Tuesday.
  • I also purchased a photograph by Joel Anderson of a pier. (The Klug photograph, linked above, that I purchased at this show a few years ago was also of a sort of pier. Why am I drawn to piers? Hmm.) The pier is near Cancún; the worn wooden planks jut out over a breathtakingly blue-green Caribbean. I had a hard time choosing between this pier and a different Mexican pier, which was photographed by Anderson on a cloudy day. The water in the other photograph was almost murky, and the shot seemed, perhaps, to convey a sort of indolence. An empty boat in the shot added to the feeling. Although naturally drawn to all things indolent(!), I couldn’t—in the end—resist the Caribbean colors in the first pier. (Perhaps I should’ve bought both photos and created a wall of piers in my apartment….)

As I write this, I have one more day with the Jag. I need to think of some unexpected place to visit next….




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