Wiki Wednesday #23

5 09 2007

1.) Go to Wikipedia.
2.) Click on “Random article.”
3.) Report on the outcome.


Killikkurussimangalam (also known as Lakkidi) is a small village around 8 km from [the] nearby town [of] Ottappalam in [the] Palakkad district of Kerala, south India. The river Nila (Bharatapuzha) flows through the southern border of Lakkidi.

First, wow. That’s a long word. I just keep looking at it. It’s impressive! I especially appreciate the three double-letters (l, k, s) at the beginning.

And, yes, this is yet another geography installment of the WW.

Although the entry for Killikkurussimangalam is fairly lengthy, it doesn’t give me any real sense of the total population. That seems odd, although good census figures are probably had to come by.

The article nevertheless mentions that Killikkurussimangalam is the “birth place of famous Malayalam satire poet and founder of the Ottamthullal art form, Kunchan Nambiar.” According to Wikipedia, Ottamthullal is a kind of satirical theater, in which “a single actor wears colorful costumes, while reciting thullal (dance songs), all the while acting and dancing.” Whew, I need some context for all this. Wikipedia also tells me that Ottamthullal is one of the Hindu arts in Kerala, which “is well known for its diverse forms of performing arts.” Ottamthullal is the “poor man[‘s] Kathakali.” Kathakali—fittingly(?), I suppose—has a much more extensive entry. Nambar “is comparable to Chaucer and Rabelais for his boisterous humour and knowledge of contemporary life.”

I guess that context helped some. I wonder if someone from Kerala would need this much context if I tried to describe bluegrass music or square dancing. Maybe.

Where else does the entry for Killikkurussimangalam lead me? To Malayalam, for one thing. It’s a Dravidian language, one of India’s 23 official languages, and it’s spoken by about 37 million people (mostly in India). Malayalam is the official language of Kerala.




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