Question of the Day: Hello, Cleveland!

9 08 2006

If you had a band, what would you call yourselves?
Question submitted by Zoot.

If I had a band, it would be a gay bluegrass band. Think about that for a second. Is it setting in? Gay. Bluegrass. Gay bluegrass. Really.

We’d play at out-of-the-way gay bars, street festivals, coffee shops, and—of course(?)—bluegrass festivals. Think of the reaction we’d get from the musical “purists” at festivals. We’d be playing songs about man-on-man love, singing standards with lyrics tweaked to account for same-sex attraction, and some of the bluegrass traditionalists just wouldn’t be able to make sense of it all. That wouldn’t stop us. While eyeing the bluest-eyed, handsomest man in the crowd, I’d sing my favorite bluegrass song of all time—Lester Flatt’s “I’m Waiting to Hear You Call Me Darlin’.”

What would we call ourselves? The Stonewall Brothers.

Of course.




12 responses

10 08 2006

I’ve always wante to have a band and call it Reality Grip. Don’t know why.

12 08 2006

Probably something like pghleyldhs. Just becuase it would be funny.

12 08 2006

How do you pronounce that, LilRed?

23 11 2009

Well if you ever start that gay bluegrass band this Upright-Bass/Pedal-Steel guitarist, Claw hammer delcumer picker would like to play with ya. I know you where joking but I typed “Gay Bluegrass in the search engine and your website popped up.
Go figures. Hey there are Gay bluegrass musicians out here I am one of them.

5 07 2010

Here’s a guitar player/singer with a bluegrass background. Give me a holler if you decide to put a gay BG band together.


5 07 2010

Gay BG boy here. Would love to be in a gay BG group. We could start the set with Shel Silverstein’s Big Bruce.

30 10 2010
Randall S

I did a keyword search for “gay bluegrass” as well. I’m a mandolin picker and would love to be in a gay bluegrass band.
Orlando, Fl gay bg boy here!

8 06 2013

I just did a search too for “gay bluegrass” and came up with this site. Why don’t Randall, wayne, Wayne and sclancy discuss this! I’d love to sing in one. Just an emcee right now at the Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival up here in the Yukon and wishing that there was a bluegrass band that still did traditionals, but created new songs too. I’m moving to Dayton, Ohio. Been years since you guys wrote in but maybe you’re still out there. 🙂

10 06 2013

Don’t forget me. 😉 It’s my post, and I play a mean tambourine. Or a “mean” one, anyway.

9 10 2013

I know a guy who sings old Mac Wiseman and other traditional bluegrass songs, he sang lead for a bluegrass band in Mississippi for many years.
He plays guitar and sings lead and high harmony, and he’s an awesome singer… and…..he is gay. Me! Born and raised in south Alabama.

27 04 2014
Danny Stinnett

I play bluegrass on the piano all I sure do ,worked in Nashville ,backing up stars at the orpy .I’m Dan.I’m in lol you would be surprised lol

11 02 2015

I’m learning the banjo here….

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