Vox Hunt: It’s Been With Me Forever

21 04 2007

Wacky Melon
Vox Hunt
: Show us something you’ve had for a really long time.

Submitted by dee.

This is Wacky Melon, a bizarre pull toy that my parents gave me when I was a child. Actually, this is not my Wacky Melon; it’s a photograph from the web of one of my Wacky Melon’s siblings. I keep Wacky Melon at my parents’ house—mostly, I suppose, so I won’t look like a nut when a date comes over. Of course, since I haven’t really had a date since I was, um, in my 30s, I should probably send for Wacky Melon.

I thought Wacky Melon was the thing for awhile. When he’s pulled, those little slices of watermelon cycle in and out of his body, making a little bit of a racket. His eyes move, too, but not necessarily in combination with the slices. I believe Wacky Melon was made by a company called Cragstan. What could those toy-makers possibly have been thinking?




10 responses

10 02 2008

Wow, that was my first toy! Do you want to sell it?

10 03 2008

No, I wouldn’t part with it, I’m afraid. 🙂

11 03 2008

Hey there!!! I have my wacky melon that my grandmother gave me when I was very little (I’m now 42) and I cherish it!!! It was such an odd, un-cuddly toy, but it was one of my favorites. I collect old and unusual toys now, so I suppose this was my first piece. I also had an orange teddy bear with a baseball uniform and a voice box….I have never seen one since, not even on eBay or other vintage toy sites. Any ideas, folks?

20 06 2010
www.samedog.com » Some wacky nostalgia

[…] deep at the back of my brain for a life that was a little bit daggy but a whole lot simpler. The Wacky Melon is a toy from the 60′s, and we had one in our household. When I say ‘we’, by that […]

28 07 2010

I have this EXACT Toy! … Had it since I was about 2 or 3 years old! … Don’t know WHY it was kept, BUT I remember playing with it! … When I had kids of my own, I gave my oldest daughter this toy to play with … Within minutes, she broke one of his ‘wings’ (slices), in half, and one of the wheels came off. My wife thew the wheel away! … I was devestated! LOL … I STILL kept it, though!


8 04 2011

You are not the only one with a fondness for the un-cuddly watermelon. My sister and I loved hers, but it was eventually passed down to our nephew, who promptly broke the wings and the wheels and it was disposed of. I occasionally type the words “wacky watermelon toy” into my browser just to see what shows up.

10 04 2011
fishbelly kashube

More wackness here –
The post is wacky melon in spaaaaace!

17 07 2011

That last comment refers to this post. I love the drawing!

18 09 2012
B. G.

I still have my w.w. and he still works great. I am 48yrs old and i wish i knew how much he is worth. I would NEVER EVER part with him but just curious.

29 03 2014

I also have a wacky watermelon. It is my favorite toy from when I was a kid and even at 49 it is still my favorite.I have actually been trying to find information on it and this instance first time I have even heard of others having them. It is cool to see others have a fondness for the little guy.

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