If I have any more beer, will I qualify as an actual lush?

16 01 2007

I attended my fifth Tria Cafe beer-tasting tonight. This event featured more Belgian-style beers, primarily beers produced by New York’s Brewery Ommegang and its Belgian parent, Duvel Moortgat. Of tonight’s six beers, I particularly liked the Ommegang Abbey Ale Dubbel, which offered anise flavors and a complex spiciness, and a Rodenbach Grand Cru. The latter veered dangerously close to being vinegary, yet I loved it.

Actually, one of my favorite flavors tonight came in a small bit of chocolate, a piece of Neuhaus Madagascar vanilla bourbon milk chocolate.

Sadly, the man I flirted with in early December was nowhere to be seen at this beer-tasting. Sigh.




2 responses

17 01 2007

On a blog that he writes, somewhere out there, the man you flirted with has probably said, “Who knew the beer-tasting would be a gay pick-up event? Geez.” 🙂

17 01 2007

I sort of hope that’s true, Steve. But although I may not have been at my, um, most sober, I’m still pretty sure he enjoyed the attention. 😉

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