Question of the Day: My Dream Address

4 11 2006

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?  Why? 
Submitted by abcdefg81.

Can I try out several candidates and let you know?

When I was younger, I definitely would have answered New Zealand.  I had this strange crush on all-things-New-Zealand.  (I was an odd kid, ok?)  I was just really attracted to the climate, the accent, the gay-friendliness, the geothermal attractions (see, strange kid!).  This continued through grad school; there, the map of New Zealand above my desk confused some of my colleagues, non-native speakers of English, who thought my Oklahoma accent must’ve been a New Zealand accent.

Later, I fell hard for New Orleans—the weather, the music, the gay-friendliness, more crazy accents.  See a pattern?  Anyway, I loved living in New Orleans, but it’s not the same place now, of course.  And I’m just not equipped to live anyplace where I have to be ready to evacuate for three or four months of the year (even though, I know, the vast majority of hurricanes aren’t like Katrina).  For similar reasons, some other nice Gulf spots—like Key West—just aren’t “perfect.”

Where does that leave me?  I just don’t know.  Honolulu, maybe?  San Diego?  Some warm, non-Gulfside place in Texas?  New Mexico?  Hmmm.

As you probably, I want it to be warm.  So, let’s see.  It should be warm, home to cool music, be gay-friendly, offer some crazy accents—and, hey, some geothermal oddities would be a plus.  Gosh, nothing immediately comes to mind.

I used to think it would be awfully cool to live abroad.  If not in New Zealand, maybe in Australia or London or Madrid or Amsterdam.  But I’d hate to live so far from family and friends.  As it is, I live too far from my family.  And my best friends still remain in the New Orleans area.  So I know what it’s like to be lonely, and I’m pretty sure being lonely in London would be only somewhat more tolerable than being lonely in Philadelphia….

So, see, I need to try out some candidates and get back to you.  Can we arrange that?




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