Unexpectedly, I post again about Céline Dion.

8 09 2007

Back in May, on the occasion of Wiki Wednesday #8, I made a mistake. And I’m here now to correct my grievous error.

WW #8 was about Céline Dion, and I confessed that I wasn’t really a fan. (That’s still true. Sorry, Céline.) I remembered, however, that she did a helluva performance of one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures, “I Finally Found Someone,” at an Academy Awards telecast. In my memory, Dion was filling in for an ailing Barbra Streisand, who had recorded the song with Bryan Adams for The Mirror Has Two Faces.

That’s not quite how it happened, though. Streisand, probably owing to her legendary stage fright, had actually opted not to sing “I Finally Found Someone” for the March 1997 Oscar show. In light of Streisand’s decision, Natalie Cole was asked to perform the song (with trumpeter Arturo Sandoval). Dion—who was on site to sing “Because You Loved Me” from Up Close & Personal—stepped in at the last minute to replace an ailing Cole. How could I have forgotten that? Actually, how is it that I remembered as much of this as I did?! (By the way, Streisand, who briefly considered filling in for Cole, was in the restroom when Dion performed. Oops.)

And since everything from the history of mankind is now on YouTube, I can bring you the video of Dion’s performance of the oh-so-treacly-but-oh-so-delicious “I Finally Found Someone.” As you’ll see, she’s so new to the song that she has the sheet music in front of her. Despite that, she brought the house down.




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